Who Am I?

I've been doing this a little while now (2007 to be exact), so let me tell you a bit about myself and how I came to photograph these awesome events.

What I missed...

I missed a sibling's weddings when I was a teenager, and missing out on that event and seeing the photos really brought it to life for me.


How I started

I took up photographing weddings while attending the Community College of Philadelphia, and it scared me shitless the whole first year.

How I grew into my style

I graduated from Temple with a film degree, which highly informed my photographic style, movement being a key function.



I'm real, real friendly

It appears that people could relax around me, my demeanor is relatively relaxed and kind. Apparently, this was not common among wedding photographers.

I shot your sibling's wedding

I've been fortunate to shoot whole sets of siblings weddings, so there's no way they all went wrong with me!

No bullhorn

Believe it or not, there are photographers that have megaphones as a part of their gear list. Not here, not ever.


Shall we get in touch?


2930 Jasper st, Philadelphia, PA

Where I am, you creeper

You can find me at my studio in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Come on by, there are cookies.

2930 Jasper St.
Unit 314
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Tel: 215-833-2866